Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've added a little prologue to my debut novel, The Amazing Morse, and wanted to post it somewhere so that anyone who read the book already could have a chance to read it. Any comments or catches on spelling/grammar errors would be appreciated.


The bell attached to the front door rang, signaling Evelyn’s arrival. This would be Jennifer’s only client today, she had cancelled all the rest. She would have cancelled this one too, but Evelyn simply would not take no for an answer. She had important news to share, needed the wisdom only Jennifer could impart.

It was touching, really, the amount of trust her clients placed in her. But there was nothing she could do for her, nothing she could do for any of them any longer. She had seen their futures and knew she was powerless to protect them.

Jennifer steeled herself for the encounter, attempted to assume some pose that would hide the dread that welled up in her. At length, she forced herself to open the door that separated the room she was in from the spacious foyer where Evelyn waited. Evelyn entered in excitement, the brightness of her mood cutting through the darkness of the room.

“I’m sorry,” said Evelyn. She was wrapped up in her own joy, too much so to notice the horror that the other woman was attempting to conceal. “I know you didn’t want to be bothered,” the words escaped Evelyn’s lips, enthusiasm besting courtesy. “But I just had to share the news with you. It’s maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I owe it all to you. I just had to thank you for directing me the way you have. And…”

She paused, hoping that she wouldn’t have to ask. But Jennifer sat unresponsive in front of her, barely listening.

“…and I wanted to know if it was as good as it seems. I need your advice, I need to know I’m not rushing into anything. I just need a quick consultation…just in case.”

Evelyn smiled an appeal at Jennifer to no avail. But Jennifer’s enthusiasm would not be denied.

“Oh, please? Just a word. Just a simple yes or no. It’s only that I trust you completely that I ask you.”

Jennifer stared up at the taller woman, prepared herself to tell her whatever needed to be said in order to get her to leave. But when she grabbed the hand that was already being held out to her, the flood of emotions and images she received from the contact was too much to bear. She envisioned terror in Evelyn’s eyes, saw fingers tightening around her neck, felt the savage glee of the man who would soon take her life.

“Run!” Jennifer tore her hand away from Evelyn’s. “Don’t you see? You’re going to die! You’re all going to die!”

Jennifer ran from the room, leaving her client alone in the shadows, confused and frightened by the revelation.


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