Sunday, March 27, 2016

Speak Truth To Power

Speak truth to power. Speak the truth and you will win, no matter how powerful the opposition. For truth IS the ultimate power. That is why others wish to silence you.

Those who seek power, as they always have been, are ultimately without a truth of their own. They erect straw men, false representations of the truth, in order to hold on to their illusions of being in charge. Their arguments are empty rhetoric combined with threats. They seek to confuse the issues but truth is a knife that cuts through such arguments.

Speak truth bravely because those who would wish to rule want you to fear. But truth has nothing to fear, no reason to run or hide. When you are afraid seek comfort in the truth. Do not attempt to utter any truth that makes you fearful, for that is not the truth. When you have the truth the truth will have you. It will remove the fear that keeps you timid. It will insist on being shared with others, so much so that it will overcome whatever fear holds it back.

The truth is not a weapon to be used against others, it is a gift to be shared. Truth is a spark that resides in all people’s hearts, and the sight of it in one will alight the bravery of all. And when the truth is shared, then fear will vanish.

Words change worlds. Think of all the money that is spent on advertisement, all the money that is put towards changing your opinion. People want to shape your opinions so that you will see through their eyes rather than your own. They want you to doubt yourself so that you will trust them. Never trust a stranger—someone who wants to lead you—more than you trust yourself. And if someone asks that of you it is a good indication they are not trustworthy.

We need to keep things on a human level, need our sense of smell to be as much a part of the equation as numbers on a spreadsheet. Factory farms would not pass the smell test, and yet dollars and cents allow them to exist. Abstract reasoning rationalizes away what is so obvious to those who experience it. We need human values, not government values or corporate values. Once we belong to a corporation or a nation we are no longer fully human.

Thou shall not kill is a human value, but corporations and governments find ways around this. They come up with compelling arguments for why we as a group must do what we as individuals never would.

Be a human. Be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to be anything different. And then look around at others and realize they are humans too. Realize they have love and hope and all the good things that reside in you, and if they act otherwise, it is only because religion, politics, or some other propaganda machine has made them behave in such a manner. But they are still human beings underneath all the sick ideas that have been pumped into their heads. We can reach them, make them loving caring people, if we do not surrender to the ideas of hatred and division ourselves.

Remember, truth is merely good news we cannot wait to share. It is a gift that we are fortunate enough to be able to impart. But it would be vain of us to believe that we own it so completely as to be able to determine how others receive it. We must give it away, not demanding anything in return. We must share it, realizing our supply only grows greater when we do so. It is a precious gift, too precious to dilute it with fear or expectation. Such things are poison to those who receive it, and who could be expected to show gratitude for such a gift? It is only the gift freely given that can ever be expected to be freely received. 

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