Sunday, April 24, 2016

What's Wrong With The United States Of America

This is not meant to be judgmental but reflective. If we wish to be a great country, then greatness requires reflection, discussion, and a genuine desire to bring out the best in all of us. Let us begin with honestly assessing where we are falling short. This then, is a short list of observations:

We are more concerned with packaging than content, care more for the flag than the ideals it is supposed to represent.

We care far more about winning an argument than actually being right.

We prefer giving advice to taking advice to heart, believe it is better to give than receive only when it comes to blame.

We have discovered that it is much easier to have opinions than search out the facts.

We have the wisdom of the ages available for free through the internet and prefer to watch reality TV shows or play on social media.

We have politicians but not leaders, money for giant televisions but not enough to care for the homeless. We have enough fuel for us to drive our SUVs to the gym so we can walk on a treadmill, but we are in short enough supply that we have to destroy natural habitats and start wars in order to get more.

We have climate controlled houses and cars and an out of control climate. We have stores that are kept at 80 degrees in the winter and 50 degrees in the summer.

We have clocks on all of our electronic devices but never enough time, too many boob jobs and ED pills and not enough reverence for the wisdom that can come with age.

We have more guns and locks and less security, too much information and not enough context.

We have too many liberals and conservatives and not enough concerned citizens.

We are too worried about our rights and freedoms and not worried enough about our responsibilities.

We have too many tools and not enough skills, too many distractions and not enough silent places.

We give too much regard to profit and not enough to work.

We spend too much on elite athletes and not enough on physical fitness for our children and elderly.

We give too much to executives and not enough to the people who have to clean their toilettes.

Too much on advanced weaponry and not enough to care for our veterans.
Too much reaction and not enough reflection.
Too much desire to punish and not enough desire to correct and instruct.
Too much consumption and not enough contentment.
Too many absolutes and not enough balance.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts.

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