Monday, May 30, 2016

Random Thoughts Part 20

All novels and schools of thought begin with a single small seed of an idea. Here are some seeds from which someday mighty books might spring. Or not.

The pain of existence is the pain of a piece of a puzzle that does not know where it fits.

Inside every cynical person there is a weakling who was looking for an opportunity to quit believing.

We have stopped using the word citizen and replaced it with consumer, and I find that very sad.

We see not only with our eyes but also with our heart, so all that we perceive is colored by our hatred and our love.

No matter how we try, we can never return to the past. But the irony of it is that if we try and run away from the past, it always catches up to us.

If someone exposes himself to your child, that person is arrested. If a person exposes himself to your child through the media, that is called freedom of speech and we blame the parents for not being responsible.

Belief means holding on to an idea, faith means letting go.

There are in hell pits so deep that no matter what you throw into them, they shall never be filled. They are not there as instruments of torture for the wicked, they are those who suffer in hell of their own free will. They are called cynics.

When you are witness to genius, it is not your job to accept or reject what is stated but to incorporate it into your own philosophy.

Intelligence is overrated. Two dogs who sniff each others’ butts learn more about each other in a moment than many humans understand about those they’ve known for a lifetime.

If we do not realize the spirituality that underlies politics we will never find political solutions. All answers we come up with will be simplistic, incomplete, and eventually harmful.

If The Bible was meant to be taken literally, there would only be one Gospel, not four, would only be one creation story, not two. Jesus lived and people wrote stories about him. The Bible is a collection of stories. Letting go of simplistic answers might just plunge you into a realm of belief and faith far beyond anything you believed was possible. But first you must let go. That, my friend, is the first step, it is perhaps the single greatest act of faith you’ll ever take.

The fact that we as humans do not have eyes in the back of our heads goes to show that we as a species were designed to look after each other.

The fool attempts to predict the next big wave while ignoring the tide.

If you get your news, movies, and music for free, what you will get is merely propaganda and advertising.

You cannot use vulgarity without turning thought from the abstract to the concrete, from the sublime to the mundane, from the intelligent to the silly. Vulgar words cheapen. Sometimes the words can communicate intense passion, but it is not the enduring kind of passion but that which passes in the use of the word. Dropping of such words are akin to having a bowel movement. Once released one has no desire to stay in the same room as it.

KFC took the fried and Super Sugar Crisps took the sugar not out of their product but out of their marketing. That is how a consumer society deals with dangers to your health.

Humans are happiest with a simple life and advertisers are happiest when they are able to make you buy more by making you insecure and unhappy.

The more you shape the world the more you become responsible for it.

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