Thursday, January 12, 2017

Random Thoughts Part 23

Every one of these is a potential essay. Mention one you want me to write about and it shall be done:

How can one who truly loves life not have moments of intense sadness? How can one love the myriad people, places, and situations we encounter without grieving their impermanence?

I cry for the young because they will one day grow old. I cry for the old because they were once children. I weep for myself because I am not the one but will be the other.

I am even more hungry for life now than when I was young, but it seems I am only able to take small bites.

What makes fiction literature? It must speak to the times and yet be timeless. It need not be trendy or cutting edge, in fact it seldom is. Truth is seldom fashionable.

We have created a world we don’t like, don’t understand and don’t trust, and we are too frightened to try to change it.

If God rewards the faithful with earthly rewards, then what leverage does the devil have?

If food did not go bad, gold would be next to worthless. Gold is man’s vain attempt at security, at keeping for tomorrow what we have today..

What I don’t like about Christians is when they are self-righteous and sanctimonious, demanding all others fall in line with their belief system. Now if I don’t like such traits in Christians, why do you think I’d tolerate them any better coming from other groups? 

Humans were meant to meander, to roam and to graze. We were meant to sit beneath the stars, to gather around a fire with family and friends.

Do I make a break for the island I see in the distance, or do I cling to whatever wreckage I happen upon and let the tide take me where it will?

I have decided to make a go of it at writing, to do whatever it takes to become successful at it. And after audaciously announcing this, I asked myself, as I always do, “Anything? Would you sell your very soul to be a writer?” And a voice within me answered “Writing is my soul.”

If we do not work for peace, struggle for peace, if we do not keep peace always in our hearts, our minds, and on our lips, we will never achieve peace. Peace is a choice, it is a commitment, a lifestyle. It will never happen accidently, or as a result of pursuing other aims. Peace is a religion, or at least it is at the heart of all religions.

If you want a language to survive, capture great thoughts within it. William Shakespeare has ensured Elizabethan English will never perish from this world.

When arrogance takes the place of facts and logic in an argument, intimidation and violence will not be far behind.

One of the worst sins you can commit is to create explanations for something you know in your heart is not true.

They are not my enemy, whoever “they” happens to be.

I fear absolutism, simplistic solutions, and fundamentalism, just as I would fear trying to sit on a one-legged chair.

Only through spirituality can we be in touch with the all. Anything else is to be a part of something less. Anything else is to be part of a faction at war with another.

The cunning will always be able to outthink even the wise, it is what they spend their lives at. They live within their plans, creating schemes to confuse the straight and obvious paths of others. The only way to prevent ourselves from being led astray is to never put aside our core values even when confronted with the most compelling of evidence. Never must we act in fear or in hatred. Never must we allow ourselves to be convinced that it is okay to kill or to steal. Never should we believe that cruelty is the only path, deserting kindness.

The mark of a civilized man is not that he does not think of baser things but that he is quite often capable of rising above such matters.

Evil is the word used by the ignorant to explain the motivation of those with whom they disagree or do not understand.

If there is divinity within us, it is hewn from our baser clay by words and ideas.

The law of supply and demand, which states that the greater supply the cheaper the cost, does not apply to ignorance. The greater the amount of ignorance people have, the more they value ignorance in their art, politics, and their fellow man.

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