Thursday, October 30, 2014

Enjoy A Free Book, Help A Guy With Cancer

So I have this writer friend named Brandon Hale. That’s not unusual, a lot of people in the writing community call Brandon a friend. He’s that kind of person, the kind that you like immediately and never have any reason to stop liking him.
Sure, it’s easy to say someone is well liked, but a bunch of his friends are putting their money and time where their words are. You see, Brandon Hale has cancer in the intestines, and his entire attentions for the past six months have been on fighting for his life. That means he hasn’t been able to write, or edit, or promote, or do any of the things a writer has to do to put bread on the table. And that is where the independent writing community is stepping in to help a friend.
Some incredibly selfless people have donated money to promote the first book in Brandon’s primary book series, Day Soldiers. It deals with a dystopian future where vampires and werewolves have declared war on humanity. While intelligently written, it is still good reading for the younger set.
The goal is to get this book to #1 on the free list on Amazon. We’re up to #21 as I write this, so we’re getting close. This would not only be a symbolic victory, it would get Brandon the attention that all of us involved believe he deserves.
All that I ask of you is to pick yourself up a free digital copy and maybe give it a look. You might even want to pick up the next book in the series, no pressure. And if you want to share the information with others, that would be great too.

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