Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My First Novel, Free As An E-book

     An unknown author does what he has to do to get a little attention thrown his way, therefore I am offering my debut novel free in digital format. Actually, I don't mind giving it away. It is nice to know I have something to give to the world. I worked really hard on it, and while I feel I have learned a lot about writing since this initial endeavor, I am nonetheless very proud of The Amazing Morse. There is a lot of me in these pages, a lot of the things that have stuck with me in my life, the questions that needed asking and the observations that I felt compelled to make when it would have been easier to look the other way. And the influences. Sometimes it feels like the voices of the thousands who have influenced me ask that I keep their ideas and memories alive.I have humbly acquiesced.  Hopefully my love for the experiences I've had in life can make it across the pages into the reader.
     There's a lot of my childhood in this novel, too. Everyone has their unique childhood memories, but I hope at least to convey the magic I felt when I was young, hope that it rekindles the same feeling in you, the reader. If it does then I have done something worthwhile. If I am able to hold on to my childhood dreams and help you to hold on to yours, then magic truly does exist.

Here's the link for Kindle

Here's the link for Nook

The Amazing Morse is available elsewhere also. Leave a message for me if you want me to direct you to a digital copy. I like to think that there's something within it that is more than mere entertainment, something worth sharing. At least that was the intent.

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