Saturday, January 30, 2016

Random Thoughts Part 18 (The All Politics Edition)

I try and avoid politics in this blog. Even now I try to avoid being overtly political, I'm just making observations that are hopefully too obvious to deny regardless of one's political views:

Government should not tell us how to live our lives, that’s the job of corporations and their 24 hour a day propaganda machine.

Unquestionably fire is a wonderful thing, one of the great discoveries of mankind. But to suggest that because it is good that we should not try to regulate it, to contain and control it, is absurd. How is the market any different? Shall we abandon human reason and desires to it, or can we not somehow limit its potential to burn?

More elections have been stolen by impeding voters than will ever be swung by people voting illegally.

Congressmen have become so busy raising money that they have been forced to rely on their donors to actually do the work of writing laws.

Capitalism gives us a choice of a thousand different bottled waters while it pees in the public well.

Responsible gun owners support responsible gun laws.

The flower of peace shall never blossom by being watered with blood, except, perhaps, the blood of martyrs.

Climate change deniers who point to every bit of snow as proof of their opinion are like alcoholics who point at every instance they have not misbehaved while drinking to prove they don’t have a problem.

We are all going to have to work together to solve our nation’s problems. Of course, there is a strain of political thought today, a very prevalent one, that says working together IS the problem.

Centuries ago, the Catholic Church had no answer to the theory that the earth was round, and so was forced to oppose the idea. Today, the religion of the free market has no answer for global warming, and so must likewise oppose what does not fit its world view.

When the last public school has closed and the last union disappeared, then the voices that now clamor for choice will fall silent. While there will be no choice left, they will say nothing, because it was never really about choice for them to begin with.

The more corporations take over our country, the louder will be the voices from the media that free enterprise is under attack from the government.

We are at a stage where we must learn to believe in Utopia…or 1984.

If you’re going to be a politician it helps to be a pathological liar.

If money equals free speech, then how can prostitution be illegal?

Why do governments put sanctions on countries that do bad things? Because corporations are soulless money suckers that would do business with the devil himself if it netted them a few bucks.

Beware of politicians who talk about working for the taxpayer. When they said the same thing in the South prior to the Civil War, they weren’t talking about working for those who actually did the work.

When our politicians talk about free trade, they’re not talking about the poor black man selling cigarettes on the street corner.

Of course the Confederate Flag is a symbol of intolerance and hatred, all flags are.

Conservatives have fallen on hard times. In the 70’s they callously told the poor, “Get a job!” Today they are forced to say, “Get a second job!”

Government is what big business wants it to be. To think to change society by going after government is like a bull going after a matador’s cape.

If you make credit too easily available you will have idiots driving around in vehicles the wise cannot afford. And in the end it will be the wise who will end up paying.

Is it too wild an assertion that elected officials should work for those people who pay their salaries instead of those who pay for their election campaigns?

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