Thursday, February 12, 2015

Creatures Of The Night (A Poem)

Every write has a poem or two in his past. It’s funny how the theme in this is a theme I still deal with today. Tonight I offer you a poem, tomorrow, perhaps, I will tell you of the inspirations behind it.

Creatures Of The Night

Within the shadows of the world
Hide creatures of the night
They come alive when darkness falls
But always out of sight

In older days when darkness ruled
And real knowledge was rare
They were a cause, or so it’s said,
Of both hope and despair

They got their strange unworldly might
From those who would believe
Belief created fearsome power
Both above and beneath

As mankind and its knowledge grew
The shadows then receded
And under reason’s blinding light
The wise men grew conceited

The people came to disbelieve
In creatures of the night
For how could something never seen
Be wielders of such might

And so sickened, and disbelieved
And blinded by the light
They withered under desert sun
The creatures of the night

And all of those that still survived
Prepared for final flight
But there is nowhere left to run
No Shelter from the light

Disproved belief, no longer real
Crushed by reason’s iron heel

Creatures of the night

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