Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stream Of Consciousness Entry Part 1

Twenty years ago, while in Advanced Composition, we were given the assignment of writing everyday in a journal. It was the first time I had the need to write without being given any idea what to write about. What it turned into was a stream of consciousness writing that opened up new doors inside of me as I shut down the inner censor that was always hampering my inner voice. It started slowly, eventually opening up something inside me that was revelatory. I cannot say you will have the same effect reading it as I did writing it, but I’m willing to see. The process is gradual, so you will have to be patient. No attempt has been made to correct any errors except for spelling.


Writing without having a clue about what I’m supposed to write about give to me an amount of freedom. I cannot possibly run out of things to write when I have no…Or at least I thought so. Stream of consciousness thought is easy to do but hard to put on paper. The thoughts flow freely, but the hand that records c an only move so fast. Thoughts are lost, often forever, as the slug-like fingers crawl across drag the pen across the page. Then again, there is the part of me which wishes to edit, to conceal whatever defects I may show. AS much as I don’t like to admit it, I am proud, with plenty of petty vanities. Stream of consciousness shows my thoughts as they occur, not as I would like someone to think they occur. I can only imagine, though, that others feel the same way, that no matter how honest we think we are, we hide ourselves behind little masks, many of which hide ourselves from ourselves. I don’t particularly like where my thoughts are headed, but feel compelled to continue this line of thought. Jack London writes in John Barleycorn that there are two levels of truth, the healthy truth and the higher level. The healthy truth teaches us to cherish the things that help us survive. The higher truth simply is, without concern for us. Jack London said he glimpsed truth unrobed and turned in horror. I feel compelled to look at what London could not deal with. And yet I am afraid to relate that which I see. I am afraid to confess my fear, my weakness, myself. And without other people’s input, I think my vision is skewed by who I am, that others might see things in a different light. There is a fine line, I suppose, between honesty and an over willingness to burden other people with one’s problems. I mean, everybody has problems, right? Nobody likes a whiner, and it’s not healthy to dwell on negative ideas. Nothing is good or bad except in proportion. A certain amount is good, but too much more or less makes it bad.
But here I run from the truths I wished to find. And even now I am thinking I will destroy this paper before anyone sees it. I am ashamed of my unguarded thoughts. Ashamed more of their bizarreness or mundaneness than anything else. But perhaps just there I lied. I am afraid that anyone reading this might find me strange. I feel an unguarded me is an unpleasant one. I am here unguarded by the civilized me and am face to face with baseness, cowardly emotions and base desires.
It’s funny, but I am merely a collection of things, none of which is the true me. There is no indivisible whole that I can point to and call “me”. Whatever. I do not like where this is leading. Should I terminate this line of thought? Run from truth laid bare? Because it is true, you know, all of it.

I sometimes tend to think that evil is an illusion, that if I look clearly at it I will understand it and not be frightened by it, that there is nothing to fear. Other times, I am all too sure that it is an entity, to be avoided, and if need be, run from. I think at some level, we all run from the truth. I think I have had enough of this line of thought—at least for now.

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