Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Lamb To The Slaughter

WARNING: There are images of animal violence on this post which most human beings—no, all—will find disturbing. To find this not disturbing would mean that you were something less than human.

     We’ve all seen the videos, haven’t we? The dog and the elephant as best buddies, the dog and deer cavorting around the yard, playing as if they were litter mates, the cat and the crow. There’s even a video of a dog trying to splash water on a fish out of water. So often are we inundated with such images that we forget how cruel nature can be. Even among domesticated creatures, savagery lurks just beneath the surface. What you are about to see may be shocking, but it is a necessary reminder that animals are not to be left alone with other animals of a different species. While they may play together and behave as though they are best of friends, cruel instincts can be brought forth in an instant.

     Here you see Lola and Lamby in a quiter moment. They seem like natural buddies, don’t they?

     Introduced to each other when they were both young, they were inseparable. Lola was fond of carrying Lamby around as if she was one of her children, while Lamby was content to lie by Lola’s side.
     But my wife became too comfortable with the relationship, trusted Lola’s basic tame demeanor over her carnivorous ancestry. The abuse began as rough play, but nobody noticed. And then came the day my wife thought it a good idea for Lamby to keep Lola company in Lola’s kennel while my wife went to work. It was then that the tragedy occurred. Again, I must caution you about the pictures you are about to witness. You might want to have the children leave the room before you scroll down any further.
     My wife returned from work that evening to find this:

     So badly mauled was poor Lamby that we would have had difficulty identifying her had it not been for the trademark Santa hat she was so fond of wearing.

     It is obvious by the photos there was nothing we could do for poor Lamby.

     We gave her a fitting funeral in the trash can. And while we closed the lid on her poor mutilated body, I’m afraid we will never be able to close the lid on the images that will forever haunt us.

     So please remember that however friendly your pets are to each other, there still lurks in the hearts of many natural predators an instinct to hunt and kill, an instinct that no amount of nurturing will ever rid them of. Never leave your pets together unattended like we did. Learn from our tragedy. Do it in Lamby’s memory.

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