Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Secret Sacrifices Of Scott Walker

 Governor Scott Walker is not a complainer. Or a bragger. That’s why most of us are unaware of the personal sacrifices he has made to help keep the budget of Wisconsin afloat the way he has. I've heard people say that he has balanced the budget on the backs of schools, teachers, and other workers. Many people think that his cuts to every program that makes this state a great place to live—from grade schools to the university system, from state parks to Wisconsin Public Radio—placed the burden only on the least fortunate Wisconsinites. I am here to tell you that’s not the case.
     Many have assumed that Scott Walker’s election commercial showing him carrying a brown bag lunch was a cynical ploy aimed to appeal to the average voter. But I have it on good authority that since the time of his election he has eaten a simple sandwich for lunch every day. Not roast beef on artisan bread mind you, or even bologna, but generic peanut butter on day old bread. A simple Google search will provide you with ample evidence that even when dining with his wealthy contributors from out west or with the heads of state he needs to meet with to make things better for us here at home, Governor Walker is right in front when it comes to sacrificing for our great state. And if you want to sit down with Governor Walker and cut him a six-figure check, you better bring your own brown-bag lunch too.
     There are countless other ways he has sought to save money, from cutting down on heating bills in the capitol by insulating it with protestors, to forgoing the Governor’s Humvee and choosing instead to ride his white stallion, Rocinante, as he patrols the boarders of our state.
     I am reminded of a great tragedy by Sophocles—I believe it was Oedipus Rex—when the people are suffering and call upon their king for help. Oedipus tells his people: “Sick as you are, not one is as sick as I. Each of you suffers in himself alone his anguish, not another’s; but my spirit groans for the state, for myself, for you.” Well, perhaps it was not Oedipus I was thinking of, but surely Scott Walker is reminiscent of some great tragedy.

     So protest if you must—especially on cold winter days when the need for your body heat within the dome is at its highest. Just remember that our leader would not ask from you any sacrifice that he has not already taken upon himself.

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