Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Poem From A Soldier To His Mother

I was going through some things at my mom’s house and came across something my father sent to his mother after enlisting. I thought a poem from a son to his mother during World War II might be interesting to more than just me.

There’s a lonely mother somewhere
And a lonely soldier too
He is many mile away from home
He’s thinking this night of you

He may not have been the best son
That a mother ever had
But though he wasn’t perfect
He wasn’t very bad

Like a million other mothers
To this country you gave a man
For we now have a war to win
And he’ll win it if he can

He appreciates his mother
Now, as he never did before
For he knows that he loves you
And will forever more.

Someday the war shall be over
And someday the fighting done
And the sons will return to their mothers
And the mothers to their sons.

Your Loving Son,