Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Who Gave Corporations Control?

  Why should we recognize the rights of corporations? From whence comes their authority? Who bequeathed them their rights? The U.S. Constitution? There is no mention of corporations in that document.

Why should corporations own houses that go empty while people sleep under bridges? Why do they have access to our politicians when the pleas of their constituents fall on deaf ears? Why do we permit them to write our laws? Why do we fight their wars?
And who was it that decided corporations should be in charge of our water? I thought it would be obvious once they decided the best means of delivering water would be through single use plastic containers trucked in from hundreds of miles away that people would realize how stupid and evil this was, but we all just went along with it. Who told us that was a good idea?
I suppose it was the media, almost all of which is owned by corporations, 90% of which is owned by just 6 gigantic corporations. But who allowed that to happen?
It was our crooked politicians, all of whom rely on corporate funding to win elections. Democrats and Republicans alike are working for the same corporate interests. Where is the politician who will take the side of people over corporations? The system the corporations fund will never permit them to be elected.
Who gave corporations the power to control not only our means of production but our environment, our media, and our government? We the people didn’t give it to them. They never asked permission. They just took it.
But who’s allowing them continued ownership of nature, government, the machinery of production, and the influencing of our minds?
Who gave them our forests and gave them tax breaks on the purchase of chainsaws?
Who gave them our rivers and lakes to use as receptacles for their poisonous waste?
Who gave them our oceans to exploit and abuse every creature that lives within them?
Who gave them our genes to play with and the genes of our plants to patent?
You did.
You did, every time you willingly bought what they were selling you.
You did, when you voted for THEIR candidates.
You did, every time you turned on THEIR media and allowed them to dump THEIR lies into YOUR mind.
You did, every time you said “It’s just more convenient.”
You did, every time you refused to speak up or fight back.
You did, every time you bought your Made In China flag to show your Made In Madison Ave. patriotism.
And who is EVER going to make this right?
You will.
Not the politicians who owe their positions to corporate backing.
Not benevolent CEO’s or visionary billionaires.
Bill Gates won’t do it. He’ll just spray the sky to darken the sun.
Elon Musk won’t do it. He’ll just blast a car into outer space.
Technology won’t make this right.
Incremental progress won’t get us there.
The invisible hand of the market won’t be our savior.
Who then will make things right?
You will.
You can.
You must.
We will.
We must.
We shall.
P.S. F*ck Jeff Bezos.

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